We optimize our clients’ strategy, marketing, pricing and sales.

No matter what business model, industry, and degree of digitalization they are in.

Our journey

Duhqa was launched in January 2021 in Nairobi by Victor Maina. Victor is an experienced logistician from a family of entrepreneurs. His background is in tech and logistics. Victor has spent 13 years in logistics. Almost nine of those years were spent in DHL Express leading East & Southern African teams which makes him conversant with the challenges affecting distribution and logistics in Africa. He has five years of start-up experience and eight years of executive and board management experience.

Duhqa was launched to address the logistics pain points of manufacturers and to bridge the gap of slow inventory movement, brand performance traceability and increase sales to formal and informal retailers.

Our current operations are based in Nairobi, we are focusing on growing our operations in Sub Saharan Africa by 2025. We are a team of 22 core staff.

No more fragmented markets in Africa

The Informal and formal retail markets in Africa are fragmented, this makes delivery and sourcing complicated, slow and expensive.

Duhqa is solving this problem through an infrastructure that enables retailers to access and order supplies within a click of a button.

Our mission

Enabling manufacturers, retailers and individuals to buy and sell easily through innovation, imagination and ingenuity.

We are growing day by day









Meet the team

Victor Maina


Davis Angwenyi

VP Engineering

Albert Ambila

Head Of Sales

Tanja Trobook

VP Product

Catherine Masolia

VP of Operations & Co-Founder

Duduetsang Moilwa

VP People

Elkanah Muthiani

Head Of Finance

Alvince Alum

Operations & Logistics Assistant


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