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Retailers big or small, formal or informal chose products whenever and where ever you want from our growing number of manufacturers. Get your delivery within 24 hours during week days. Everything is one tap away from your smart phone.

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Duhqa app key features

  1. Sourcing

    You don’t have to think about doing sourcing on your own, we got you covered. Focus on your shop, make more sales, earn more money. Your job is just easier.

  2. Small cash credit

    By being part of Duhqa family you have opportunity to apply for small cash credit when you place your order. More often you order higher are the chances for your credit approval.

  3. Thousands of products

    Easily search trough thousands of products, make orders in just few finger taps. All your orders are kept in app so you have easy overview.

  4. Various payment options

    We offer various payment options, chose the one that works best for you.

All products under one roof

All sorted in convenient categories.

Construction Materials And Equipment
Farm Inputs And Equipment
Household Appliances And Electronics
Household Consumer Goods
Personal Care And Hygiene
School And Office Supplies

How it works

Duhqa app for retailers is easy and intuitive.

1. Download app

Download the app from Google Play Store and register.

2. Place your order

Use search option to find items you need and place your order.

3. Payment options

Choose your preferred payment method, from variety of options

4. Order delivered

Your order will arrive in 6 hours during the week days.

Duhqa’s trusted retailers

Duhqa has been a very good reliable suppliers, their riders are always on time, and when we have issues with deliveries they are solved on time, Duhqa is a one stop shop for every single item that you need for your shop.

from Kiambu

I have been using Duhqa to get my supplies regularly from different manufacturers, they are reliable and their prices are fair, I would like to recommend Duhqa to other retailers.

John Kamau
from Kawangware

Get the app and start making your orders!

Download the
Retailers app
Download the Retailer's app