Duhqa Party Launches!

It’s the weekend or weekday. You have a party, friends over, maybe family. 

Before and during the party, there’s a lot to do. There’s preparation that involves procuring goods and at times service of vendors. It’s common to procure the said services only to get a hefty markup on the goods or substandard products. Therefore, one will opt to do it themselves! 

Hosting is not easy. You have to; grill the meat that you obviously ordered through Duhqa, cook the delicacies whose recipes you’ve been studying, pop those bottles and entertain guests! Anywhere you can save time, you will take it! 

It’s not strange to invite two people and four instead show up. This is Africa, we are generous and guests are a blessing. So, you allow them to join. It’s normal for your pal Brian, a 3 bottles-of-beer-a-night kind of guy to decide to go for 7 because Mueni is in the building!

Customers will be able to buy soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, meat and cakes!

Wafula wants to talk to you, “eeh, buda hakuna kuku” ( my man, we are running out of chicken) You smile, you know it's an exaggeration but also a reality that will soon be. When he is around, chicken won't last. You issue instructions to prepare more. Jayden's choice of drinks is running low, the ladies' wine needs topping up. They are chattier than usual today and sooner or later bottles will be empty. Seems it’s gonna be a great party. 

Of all the things that you have to do, going out to restock drinks and more food isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s really unnecessary to be involved in sourcing of goods for your party. Why not focus where you can actually add value - which is entertaining your guests? 

So, we launched Duhqa Party: here you can get all you need to set yourself up for a great party or hosting. Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, quality meat for your guests and mouth watering cakes for your dessert serving. In days to come, we will add decorations. 

Duhqa CEO launches Duhqa Party
Duhqa's CEO, Launches Duhqa Party

During the Launch of the product the CEO of Duhqa, Victor Maina said “Kenyas are probably one of the most fun loving lot and this its true across the world. Duhqa’s mission has always been to make our customers' lives easy and we are happy to launch a product that makes organising parties less of a hustle!”  Duhqa is already known to deliver bulk shopping to homes hence this shouldn't come as a surprise.

How can you order on Duhqa? Simply, download the Duhqa App here:shorturl.at/hwCJZ. Register your details to enable us know the service you expect and do your shopping! What is even great is that you will get a history of your ordering that can tell you how much you used last hosting for better planning of your next party.