Imagine tuko PlayStore!

I remember the 80s; Kenya was roughly 20 years old, depending on what the last digit after the eight was. Many in my generation were still clueless about what the future would be, and that’s because it was bright, and we had options. We got excited by things like the sound of a plane, the neighbours’ car and were very jealous of the guy whohad the only bike in our area. When we had our first television set, a black and white Nec; we felt untouchable, and bedtime was the worst time. 

Now it’s 2021, and who would have thought. The first mobile phones we saw seemed ultimate; no way can they improve on this. You can play games like snake on the3310, and my sister has a phone so tiny it could actually fit in her palm, but now it’s 2021, and we are not so fazed anymore by tech, we accept it willalways evolve, it’s always getting better and more efficient. 

The year is 2021 and the majority of Nairobians, Kenya’s capital city, have the latest gadgets, notice that I’m not calling them mobile phones, and this is because of the different capabilities they now possess. It can be your camera taking crisp photos and capturing memories, it can be your art gallery where you get to do those sketches, you can also reach that friend or enemy that you have been thinking about, and here is where our story begins, it can be yourshopping partner, your financier and your logistics saviour, all this throughan app. 

Have you Duhqad yet? Keep that slogan in mind, because as a retailer, we are what you are looking for, a reliable partner who is taking the load off you and creating an environment where your only worry is your profit.

Mama Brian has been Duhqaing for a while now, and she’s constantly relating how seamless it is to use our app, how all she has to do is fill her cart with her orders and wait for delivery. No more follow-ups and worries if her stock will get there in good time and in the right state. She no longer has to deal with this guy who is constantly changing prices last minute. We are connecting her directly to manufacturers, so how can anyone beat Mama Brian’s prices? All this is just from an app! Yeah, the Duhqa app, the new kid on the block and your biggest partner and supporter.

Her excitement scares us because we see what it means to have a satisfied user and keeps us on edge, thinking of ways to elevate her user experience. We are excited because we see our future, it’s bright, and we have many options. The future for us has always been tech. The future for Mama Brian is tech. Are you embracing it, or are you going to let Mama Brian have all the fun? You deserve better as a retailer, but you’ll get the best with your Duhqa experience. It’s not too late to become a part of our story, the Duhqa story.

Imagine tuko PlayStore!